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Reiki article c3b7aa
I am an Angelic Reiki Master and in my practice I offer Angel treatments as well as Angelic Reiki workshops. I am also the proud owner of Minnie. S...
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Reiki article 752c62
This is a quick and easy way to help yourself and others in time of need. It can be used to encourage healing, to enhance clarity and to try and ma...
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Health happiness article cd0cd9
I’ve just finished this new article below, written from my heart to share with YOU! I started writing it during a time of personal emotional tra...
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Mandala: The Pattern of Creation, The Essence of Love

Spirituality article 4a611c
What is a mandala? People often ask me what a “mandala” is. The truth is that the word can mean many things to many people. For me, as an artist...
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Healing Love

Motivation article 462cd8
We are, each and every one of us, spirits who have chosen to participate in a physical experience here on planet Earth and not the other way round....
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Recovery from ME, Fibromyalgia and Depression

Health article 7b842d
This is for everyone who has ME/Fibromyalgia and/or Depression, especially those of you who just know deep inside that there is a reason for having...
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Pain Is Your Friend

Nutritional therapy health essential oils article d9e002
I love Summer – it fits with me. Couldn’t do it all year round because I love the seasonality of England but I love a bit of heat and the sun alway...
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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Your Social Anxiety Disorder

Diseases health motivation article 05f820
Social anxiety – the fear of social interactions. To others, this fear may seem silly, trivial, and even dismissible; after all, what really is the...
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6 Proven Ways to Increase your Fertility

Family relations article 73f4ee
With spring now in full force and evidence of new life all around us, it can start you thinking about creating a little lamb of your own. Althou...
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5 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Help you Sleep

Aromatherapy manual massages essential oils article e3b0d8
So how did you feel when you woke up this morning? If you started the day feeling sluggish, bleary eyed and grumpy after a lousy night's sleep then...
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